Hamed Abdullah Al-Esry

Hamed Abdullah Al-Esry

Head of Road safety

Petroleum Development Oman

  • Day 2
  • 1315 – 1430
  • Technical Session 8 | Traffic Safety

Hamed is experienced road safety expert with more than 30 years in Petroleum Development Oman. Hamed went through different Logistics operations and HSE positions/roles within the company, always dedicated for improving road safety. Hamed is an active participating member in joint committees involving Oman Society for Oil and Gas (OPAL), Oman Royal Police, MOTC and other agencies to create awareness of road safety to Oman. Hamed is a Shell certified Technical Auditor and a speaker on various events/organisations such as IRF.

Topic: PDO’s Road Safety Journey: Focused Strategy

The Public Road Safety Performance of Oman is still a high exposure to our operations and it is placing PDO drivers at a higher risk of an incident. This is particularly the case as the continuous use of private vehicles to reach interior work locations. This behavior is also exacerbated with the non-application of seatbelts, being distracted with mobiles and excessive speeding; hence, being the most common reason for non-work related road fatalities.

PDO significantly focuses on raising awareness regarding road safety issues, particularly with private vehicle drivers, by conducting extensive efforts such as Driving Forums, monitoring, campaigns, audits and compliances, through RSST Hearts & Minds activities and various campaigns. The Road Safety focused strategy is providing solutions based on the needs of the operation and commuting with a long term sustainability.