Ahmed Al Abri

Ahmed Al Abri

Project Delivery Head Technical Safety Engineering

Petroleum Development Oman

  • Day 2
  • 1115 - 1215
  • Technical Session 2

BEng. holder in Process and Chemical Eng and MSc holder in Process Safety/ Loss prevention. More than 14 years’ experience Oil and Gas technical & Process Safety Engineering. Hold varies role such as cooperate tech Safety, then Mega Projects Tech Safety Lead and since 2018, Head of Technical Safety Eng in PDO Project Delivery. In recent, years, I am heavily involved in Asset Integrity Process Safety step change in PDO focusing on Process Safety Fundamental for Engineering.

Topic: Engineering Process Safety Fundamental

Petroleum Developed Oman is a leading pioneer in the region when it comes to HSE management including AIPSM. A review of last process incidents indicated the need for an AIPSM step change. It was evident that this step change to have a positive impact across PDO wide organisation it must be simple, clear, and practical to comply with. Hence, Process Safety Fundamentals were established, these are a set of fundamental requirements that need to be complied with across all business of the organization like Petroleum, Well, Operation, and Engineering (EPSF). The focus of this subject will be in Engineering Process Safety fundamental which include:

  • EPSF1: Compliance with a set of mandatory engineering specification/requirement
  • EPSF2: Comply with previous learnings from Incidents
  • EPSF3: Full registration of Safety Critical Elements
  • EPSF4: Manage engineering changes through the approved tool,
  • EPSF5: No deviation for an approved Material Selection Report without authorisation
  • EPSF6: Do not close actions on intent and obtain relevant approval on the close out
  • EPSF7: Physically walk the line and verify line up prior to start up