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Dr. Hisham Al Siyabi

Dr. Hisham Al Siyabi

Exploration Director

Dear Industry Colleagues,

For any company or individual to sustain in this growing environment of competition where efficiency and profitability are the key growth indicators, it is essential to monitor health and safety in a suitable addressing mechanism. Therefore, it is vital to enhance care of the on-field professionals and maintain safety standards against any category hazards.

Being one of the leading HSE shows in the world, It indeed gives me great pleasure to announce, Global HSE Conference and Exhibition is back with its 8th edition to be hosted in the Sultanate of Oman. Since, Oman is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and in the recent past it has been a propeller to the global economy in the new competitive environment, it is the most suitable location to host the 8th edition of Global HSE.

Oman, hosting Global HSE, offers a platform for the HSE industry stakeholders to share, exchange and deliberate new ideas and innovations, leading to significant strategy formulation for implementation at the workplace. Global HSE is devoted towards promotion and awareness about the HSE policies and technical literacy enabling the HSE industry to compete at the global level.

In addition to the last edition, Global HSE 2022 anticipates participation from 2000+ industry delegates, 200+ participating companies, 50+ countries over 10 industries and 7000+ attendees from across the globe.

Global HSE 2022 will prioritize high-level deliberations and collaborations, catalyse holistic HSE solutions, while providing rewarding experiences to all participants. I welcome you all to the 8th Edition of world’s leading HSE conference and invite you to participate and contribute your expertise towards a better tomorrow.

Ghassan G. Abulfaraj

Ghassan G. Abulfaraj

General Manager Loss Prevention
Saudi Aramco

Dear Industry Colleagues,

On behalf of Saudi Aramco, I am delighted to invite all industry stakeholders to participate at Global HSE 2022, the 8th International Conference & Exhibition on HSE Scheduled in the Sultanate of Oman.

Over the past 2 years, we have witnessed the true value health, safety and wellness hold in our lives. Our industry places the highest emphasis and significance on the health and safety of employees, stakeholders and contractors by demonstrating visible leadership, deploying advanced technology, and conducting effective benchmarking with international best practices.

This prestigious event set to be organised under the theme of achieving HSE Excellence through Leadership, Sustainability and Technology will be a great platform for HSE Leaders and Professionals across the globe to share their knowledge and expertise which will definitely help in shaping HSE practices for our industries and communities.

The conference promises to provide unprecedented opportunities for its attendees as it thrives to embrace HSE Excellence as a core component for a sustainable future. The conference is recognised for its breadth, expertise and extensive portfolio of strategic as well as technical sessions which advocate the role of HSE across industries and around the globe.

As the global economy continues to recover from the catastrophic impacts of COVID-19, I am confident that Global HSE 2022 Conference and Exhibition is strategically scheduled to discuss various challenges and innovations in the field of Health and Safety along with upholding the global mission of protecting environmental resources.
I would like to welcome all industry leaders to discuss current & future vision of organisations for a better future of our industry at the region’s most influential HSE Conference & Exhibition, the Global HSE 2022.

Abdulrahman Al-Yahyaei

Abdulrahman Al-Yahyaei

Chief Executive Officer

Dear Industry Colleagues,

On behalf of Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL), it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 8th edition of Global HSE, The International Conference & Exhibition on Health, Safety & Environment, jointly hosted by the Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM), Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO) Saudi Aramco , OQ and Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL), scheduled in the Sultanate of Oman.

Global HSE is one of the most prominent events exclusive for HSE in the region and the world in general. Global HSE 2022 will provide an exclusive platform for NOCs, IOCs, government representatives, project owners, international service companies, contractors, consultants, and investors to congregate in the Sultanate of Oman to explore the business, and maximize opportunities to enhance HSE.

This year, Global HSE is set to witness the attendance of 7000+ Global Attendees, 2000+ Industry Delegates, 200+ Participating Companies, 100+ Exhibitors, 110+ Speakers from more than 25 Countries who will share their knowledge and experience, leading to the future of HSE practices. The event will be a platform for thought leaders and subject matter experts from across the industry to impart knowledge sessions on sustainable business practices across major industries.

OPAL would like to express its sincere appreciation to the Oman Ministry of Energy & Minerals (MEM) and Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO) Saudi Aramco and OQ for their support in hosting this important HSE conference in the Sultanate of Oman.

I would like to invite all global industry partners & stakeholders to participate at Global HSE 2022 and get the most out of this exclusive knowledge sharing & networking platform.

Dr. Mohamed Al Khalifa

H.E. Dr. Shaikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa

Chief Executive Officer

Dear Industry Colleagues,

Global HSE is the leading platform in the region for HSE leaders to address the most pressing issues and engage in the most promising opportunities of the ever-evolving industry trends. This year you will notice that we have expanded the horizons of Global HSE both in the Exhibition and Conference program with special emphasis on technology & innovation. With the theme HSE Excellence – Leadership, Sustainability & Technology. This year our approach is to achieve Business Excellence with emphasis on Leadership Commitment, Technology, and a focus on Sustainable Goals that organizations can persist in the current competitive and challenging markets while having to meet legal requirements and communities’ expectations.

As we take a sneak peek at Global HSE 2019, over 2000 meetings were arranged, enabling the new business to flow smoothly and successfully, with strong representation from international industry players and decision-makers. There are many more highlights awaiting our visitors at this year’s Global HSE at the Sultanate of Oman. Being the key meeting point for the HSE sector in the world, the show will also include many seminars, presentations, and workshops.

The show promises to continue the success of the previous events with more than 2000 industry delegates, 200 participating companies, 25 countries, and more than 7000 global attendees from across different industries.

I invite your participation in the region’s most influential HSE Conference & Exhibition and extend my best wishes for great success to Global HSE 2022.