Umesh Dhake

Umesh Dhake

Regional Manager- Asia Pacific & Middle East

Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

  • Day 2
  • 1315 - 1415
  • Technical Session 7

Umesh Dhake is a Regional Manager for Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and is responsible for Asia Pacific & Middle East region. He is a Chemical Engineer with 20 years of experience. Umesh joined CCPS in 2012. In his present role, he is responsible for promoting CCPS Process Safety Vision and Mission in the Asia Pacific & Middle East region.

Recent involvement in joint industry projects:

Umesh is involved in various CCPS project sub-committees related to process safety.

  • Roadmap to Process Safety Excellence- CCPS vision 20/20 (Revitalization)
  • CCPS RBPS Maturity Assessment Framework
  • CCPS RBPS Industry Benchmarking
  • Process Safety Incident Database (PSID)
  • Guidelines on barrier risk management (Bow-tie analysis),
  • Risk Analysis Screening Tool (RAST) & Chemical Hazard Engineering Fundamentals (CHEF)
  • The Business Case for Process Safety and Leadership Challenges
  • Guidelines for Integrating Management Systems and Metrics to Improve Process Safety

He is also a member of Technical sub-committee for formulation of draft PNGRB regulations in India- (Technical standards and specifications including safety standards for refineries and gas processing plants)

Topic: Roadmap to Process Safety Excellence-CCPS Vision 20/20 (Revitalized)

In 2011, the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) began an effort to approach the challenge of envisioning the process safety future and ask what will be the characteristics of companies with great process safety performance in the future? What will distinguish the companies with fewer process safety incidents from those with more process safety incidents? How can we work together in companies and with all our stakeholders to further process safety performance? Envisioning the future, five tenets were identified that companies with great process safety performance will possess. As the tenets were developed, it was recognized that there are four societal themes that, if achieved, would also have a significant positive impact on process safety performance. The five Industry tenets and four societal themes were introduced at the CCPS Global Congress on Process Safety in 2013. Since their introduction, efforts have been directed towards communicating the tenets and themes and identifying and developing tools to support the concepts. CCPS developed self-assessment tool and conducted benchmarking survey of industry tenets with CCPS members. In 2020, CCPS reviewed the past efforts and decided to develop a Roadmap to Process Safety Excellence-Vision 20/20 Revitalized. The objective of the roadmap is to determine where companies stand in their process safety journey toward excellence, which areas they need to focus on, and what resources are available to address these gaps. This is still work in progress. Speaker will present CCPS work in this session.