Tony Diamantidis

Tony Diamantidis

Managing Director

Chemical Safety Software

  • Day 2
  • 1315 - 1415
  • Technical Session 8

Tony Diamantidis is the Managing Director of Chemical Safety Software for 35 years, a US headquartered global provider of software systems and technologies for lifecycle chemical and waste management. He is also Regional Director of the EU- based Chemical Safety International. Chemical Safety’s technologies include the manufacture, procurement, receipt, distribution, storage, use and disposal of chemicals and hazardous materials as well as tools for chemical registration and corporate, regulatory compliance reporting as well as employee and facility workplace safety and compliance. Tony Diamantidis, has extensive experience as Senior Advisor to National and Multinational organizations, government agencies, Olympic Committees and educational institutions and has been keynote speaker and presenter in Global Environmental and Safety Conferences in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In October 2019, Mr. Diamantidis and his team presented an 8-hour workshop on EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) technologies related to Waste Management at the 7th International HSE (Health Safety & Environment) Global Conference in Bahrain.

Topic: HSE Online and Mobile Technologies for Chemical and Waste Management

Abstract: Chemical management, Waste minimization and effective waste management play a pivotal role in the Oil&Gas and Petrochemical Industries. Information technologies led by mobile applications provide tools that connect frontline workers with the entire organization and provide real-time and accurate information. Chemical Safety is an ISO27001 technology provider with 35 years of experience in the Environmental Health and Safety sector servicing National and Multinational entities worldwide. The cloud-based Environmental Management Systems (EMS) technology, supported by several mobile tools for Android, iOS and Windows devices is the global industry standard for Chemical and Waste Management and Regulatory compliance. In this session, you will acquire the knowledge to navigate through the large desert of complex rules and regulations and sail through to the open sea of operational excellence. Tony Diamantidis, Chemical Safety’s founding member and Senior Director has helped industrial and government operations develop and implement systems that automate and offer continuous improvement.