Shayma Al Mazrouei

Shayma Al Mazrouei

Manager, Health and Environment

ADNOC Gas Processing

  • Day 2
  • 1315 - 1415
  • Technical Session 8

Currently working as Corporate Manager for Occupational Health and Environment (OH&E) with ADNOC Gas Processing, Shayma responsible for ensuring compliance with relevant environmental and Occupational Health regulations and working to enhancing organization’s OH&E performance. Shayma is self-motivated sustainability professional who underlines that “Sustainability” is duly embedded within the function and managed implementing several initiatives that supported Company’s long-term sustainability agenda that includes developing company-wide Emission Reduction Plan; implementing various water reduction initiatives; ensuring recycling of around 75% hazardous waste, including electronic waste and implementing company-wide Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015). A Chemical Engineering graduated from Petroleum Institute (now Khalifa University), Abu Dhabi, Shayma is a certified HSE expert who is a frequent speaker in several in national and international conferences and sharing best environmental practices within the sector and has voluntarily supported other ADNOC Group companies in implementing good practices, resulting in a wider impact.

Topic: Driving Circular Economy through Sustainable Waste Management.

Stringent legislations, growing environmental pressure and increasing costs has limited the options for waste disposal, however opened avenues to regenerate, reuse and recycle waste, leading to cost saving and conservation of resources. At ADNOC Gas Processing, we believe “Waste” as a resource but at wrong place. Being an O&G company, we generate an array of hazardous wastes including spent catalyst, molecular sieves, waste-oil, garnet etc. Through implementing a robust waste management strategy, starting from segregation at source and adopting 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) approach, we have diverted ≈75% of our hazardous waste, including e-waste, from landfilling or incineration to the approved recyclers, where the waste is regenerated and put back into the system leading to conservation of natural resources, a true exemplar of embracing circular economy. In addition, our effort is generating us an annual revenue of ≈US$5million that includes cost avoided towards waste disposal and revenue received from recyclers.