Motaz Al Takroni

Motaz Al Takroni

EH&S Compliance Engineer

Sadara Chemical Company

  • Day 2
  • 1115 - 1215
  • Technical Session 1 | HSE Digitalization
  • An EH&S Compliance Engineer at Sadara Chemical Company with a proven record in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Worked for Saudi Aramco in South Ghawar Production Department (SGPD) and Southern Area Oil Operations (SAOO)
  • Worked for Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) in the safety, calibration, and quality department in the United States
  • Experienced in, and held different responsibilities related to, safety compliance, work permits and life critical standards inside industrial plants, labs and field services for both upstream and downstream operations

Topic: Forklift Proximity Sensors

Abstract: Forklift operations are highly essential in various industries, including in warehouses and other large storage facilities. However, operating forklifts has always been associated with higher challenges and risks for all pedestrians and workers in the workplace. For that reason, due to the high demand for increasing the precautionary measures for forklift operations, new efficient technologies, such as proximity sensors, were introduced to the industry. Those technologies play a big role in preventing and limiting such hazards. Our topic will focus more on the implementation of some of these technologies as best practices in Sadara Chemical Company, since we at Sadara are committed to achieving excellence in providing systematic and reliable EHS&S services, in support of Sadara’s role as a leading global chemical company.