Mahmood Hasan Ali Hasan Janahi

Mahmood Janahi

Industrial Nurse

Bahrain National Gas Company

  • Day 2
  • 1314 - 1415
  • Technical Session 6

We are at Banagas protecting people and the environment. We are committed to conducting business in a manner that is compatible with the environmental and economic needs of the communities in which we operate, and that protects the safety and health of our employees, those involved with our operations, our customers and the public. Ensuring sustainable development, safe workplaces and enrichment of the quality of life of our employees. Compliance with safety systems, procedures and environment laws monitored at the unit, division and corporate levels. Well-being and productivity of employees by creating a workplace environment that actively and consistently reinforces, promotes and supports healthy behaviors. Coordinator with Advance Courses such as Advance Trauma Life Support, Advance Cardiac Life Support, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, Advance Trauma Care for Nurses. Licensed Instructor for Basic Life Support and Heart Saver First Aid courses.

Topic: Occupational Health

Abstract: Wellbeing is refers to a state of physical health in which people have the ability and energy to do what they want to do in life, without chronic suffering. Although wellness means something different at every stage of life, it's primarily supported through habits of eating, physical activity and quality sleep that led to positive health outcomes. While the Well-being is a positive outcome that is meaningful for people and for many sectors of society, because it tells us that people perceive that their lives are going well. Good living conditions (e.g., housing, employment) are fundamental to well-being.

Five elements of wellbeing that add up to a thriving life:

  • Career wellbeing: You like what you do every day.
  • Social wellbeing: You have meaningful friendships in your life
  • Financial wellbeing: You manage your money well.
  • Physical wellbeing: You have energy to get things done.
  • Community wellbeing: You like where you live.