Dr. Qamra Said Al Sariri

Dr. Qamra Said Al Sariri

Director General – Quality Assurance center

Ministry of Health

  • Day 3
  • 1300 – 1400
  • Technical Session 16

Qamra Al Sariri is a Public Health Senior Consultant in Quality Management with more than 19 years’ experience between primary health care and tertiary care in utilization, quality, and health care management. As a former hospital director, she assisted managed care organizations in providing cost-effective and quality patient care. With an additional 8 years as a leader in continuing professional education and as a Director of Planning in Directorate General Health Services in Muscat Governorate and a member at Continuing Professional Development advisory committee in Oman Medical Specialty Board, she places a high value on effective education, coaching, and development of healthcare professionals. She works with healthcare, education, and other organizations to improve professional practice and patient outcomes. As a certified professional in healthcare quality and policy research, she has frequently invited speaker at healthcare forums and work as a member in several national committees. She was awarded the Women’s Excellence Award for health services in 2012 and had several awards as a best director. Recognized for her passion for excellence in health care quality management, she is posted as the Director General of Quality Assurance Centre in Ministry Of Health - Oman. Qamra received her BSc and MD from Sultan Qaboos University, her CPHQ from University of Oklahoma (USA), her MSc ( with Distinction) and PhD (in Health Care Quality and Policy Research) from University of Surrey (UK).

Topic: (Performance Challenges Faced in Healthcare Industry)

Performance management (PM) in health care incorporates the ongoing process of measuring, monitoring, and reporting of progress toward strategic organization, vision, and program goals and objectives. Performance management is closely linked with quality improvement (QI), as it provides a structured, data-driven approach to identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement. However, performance management is distinct from quality improvement. Performance management is the continuous use of four components: performance standards, performance measures, reporting of progress, and quality improvement.( The topic will cover the common performance management frameworks. All reinforce several central views such as customer focus; streamlined, value added processes; and strategic alignment. All steer QI efforts toward organizational priorities, ensuring that QI complements PM rather than competes with it. Moreover, predicting the future of health care delivery can be fraught with uncertainty and risk, especially with the number of determinants that affect health care: demographic, political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. Health Vision 2050 describes the vision for health system development over the coming 40 Years. It provides a review of the current health system in Oman as the basis for the development of a long-term health vision for 2050. The aim of Health Vision 2050 is for the Omani people to live healthy and productive lives, through the establishment of a well-organized, equitable, efficient and responsive health system, grounded by societal values of equity and social justice in alignment with Oman vision 2040