Prof. Vincent Ho

Dr. Demir Hadzic

Acting Head of Road Safety

Petroleum Development Oman

  • Day 3
  • 1300 – 1400
  • Technical Session 15

Dr. Demir Hadzic (reading surname: Hadjich) is an experienced transport and road safety specialist with 20 years of experience in energy, consulting, and government sector. He is holding a position of Acting Head for Road Safety in Petroleum Development Oman where he is employed last 5 years. In previous career he was employed for 12 years in Serbian ministry of transport where he was holding the positions of Head of road safety department, as well as Assistant Minister for roads and road safety. He has international career as a Consultant for road safety management on the World Bank, International Road Federation (IRF) and International Road Transport Union projects in Europe, MENA, GCC and African countries.