Yahya Al Ansari

Ayssar Hanza

Risk Engineering Director

Ace Energy Group (Ex BP)

  • Day 3
  • 1100 - 1200
  • Technical Session 11

Ayssar Hanza is a Risk Engineering Director with Ace Energy Group based in London. A dynamic leader with 25 years of diverse and global experience in all aspects of Risk Management, Process Safety, Asset Integrity, Incident Investigation as well as Human Factors, leading strategies, and improvements; both in operations and major projects. Her work with BP and other major operators sets an exemplary model in simplification and pragmatism; consistently delivering exceptional value in complex, high-pressure environments. Track record of winning hearts and minds; acting as an inspirational role model for business values. She empowers companies with limited resources to have a world class management system to prevent accidents and helps develop their capability. A passionate Coach, skilled trainer, and a Global Award winner (IChemE) and finalist for the Oil & Gas UK Safety Awards. She is known for her distinct style in engaging, thought-provoking and positive approach, drawing on people’s existing knowledge and experience as well the latest thinking. She is admired for her practical, energetic, relevant, and highly actionable style.

Topic: Resilience and sustainability in the Energy Industry.


With the world changing following the COVID storm and rapid adaption of many industries it’s imperative to address the viability of existing systems, processes and their effectiveness. Doing our best is not enough as we need to judge our performance by outcomes and results. Linking all of this to resilience and sustainability is key. This presentation will address the challenges we are presently facing around the word, beyond safety. It’s not about surviving or existing but excelling.

Ayssar will touch on:

  • Concept of resilience and sustainability in the oil & gas industry
  • Relationship between resilience and safety
  • Resilience - internal and external complexities and changes

We need to have systems more adaptive to environmental changes and less susceptible to internal failures. From a leadership perspective, we look for Determination, Motivation and Willpower. From a management perspective we need to plan and design for interventions that facilitate the emergence of resilience.