Saleh M Al-Shehab

Abdullah Al Amoudi

Safety Engineer


  • Day 2
  • 1315 - 1415
  • Technical Session 7

Abdullah AL Amoudi is an experienced engineer working at SATORP Health, Safety, Security and Environment department as a safety engineer. He has 10 years of experience in variant process operations and HSSE sectors in refining and petrochemical fields. Considering NEBOSH international general certification and radiation safety license in nuclear gauges. He successes in the project of management of change system digital transformation which’s safe, smart and friendly use keeping in mind the fulfillment of moc requirements.

Topic: Effective digitalization of the management of change system.

Management of change is one of the most important elements in process safety management. History shows catastrophic incidents were happened because of poor moc system. Therefore, establishing a successful moc system is a key element to prevent undesired circumstances. The establishment, implementation, and management of a successful moc system must consider all aspects systematically which has been established in 2019 in SATORP on having well emphasized, and well-tracked pathway. Furthermore, platform is enveloped with other features such as enabling any one from the organization to initiate an idea, uploading risk assessment and mitigation as supporting documents for the idea, uploading drawing and documents for the team to review, and tracking for expired moc.