Eric Paillier

Abdulhakeem Saleh Al-Arfaj

Manager, Environment Engineering

Saudi Arabian Mining Company

  • Day 3
  • 1100 – 1200
  • Technical Session 12

Total 25 years of experience, largely in the management of Environment, Health, and safety management systems in metals & minerals mining industry. Certified environmental associate manager, Lead Auditor, and project management. Developed expertise in the areas of Regulatory Compliance, Waste Management, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Geology, especially in the management of design, construction, and maintenance of management system, tunnelling, rock excavation and support, rock Stress Analysis and monitoring systems. Reviewed several Environmental impact assessment studies, hazardous material handling and site clean-up and remediation. Led several EHSS management projects including digitalization, data management and reporting thru ERP system. Recently completed Ma’aden Business Excellence Program which is certified by the Harvard Business Publishing.

Topic: Biodiversity

Abstract: Biodiversity is the variety of life that can be found on Earth in form of plants, animals, fungi, and micro-organisms, as well as to the communities they create and habitats they live in. It is very important to sustain existence on earth as it supports life and provides functioning ecosystem services. Loss or deterioration in biodiversity can compromise all the values of life that affect human wellbeing. Saudi Arabia’s biodiversity is remarkably rich as it includes some of the most fascinating and unique animals, birds, plants, corals, and other habitats. With sustainability at its heart, Saudi Vision 2030 provides platform for reforms. The National Center for Wildlife is Saudi Arabia preserves the Biodiversity including wildlife on land, sea, and its natural habitats and ecosystem. Ma’aden aims to evolve our business and practices to pioneer policies, new thinking, technology, and standards to ensure ecological preservation. Ma’aden is addressing its biodiversity and ecological rehabilitation issues through the development of standards considering national and international best practices at all its businesses, made policies and implement practices that help preserve the ecosystems.