Hatem Nusseibeh

Aali M. Al-Zahrani

Vice President – Safety and Industrial Security

Saudi Aramco

  • Day 1
  • 1910 - 1930
  • Keynote Speaker

Aali Al-Zahrani has 25 years of experience in Oil & Gas Operations. Throughout his extensive experience, he assumed various technical and leadership roles until reaching the position of Manager of Sea Water Injection Department, followed by Manager of Abqaiq Plants Maintenance Department. In 2015 Al-Zahrani took on the role as General Manager of Industrial Security Operations following another leadership assignment as General Manager of Saudi Aramco Public Affairs. In 2019 Al-Zahrani took on the role of Vice President for Safety and Industrial Security, where he oversees several corporate functions to promote and enable the protection of company’s assets and to provide employees with a secure and safe environment. He is also a Board Member of the Saudi National Security Services Company (SAFE), a 100% subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.